ETCBL Global offers comprehensive design, consulting and engineering services to the national/international turnkey contractors during Tender stage and Detailed Design stage for Engineering and related management services including assist in bid preparation

       Electrical Design:

  • SLD & PSLD.
  • Layout & Sectional Drawing.
  • Erection Key Diagram.
  • Earthing & Lightning Protection Design.
  • Cable Laying & Termination Schedule.
  • Cable Trench & Sectional Drawing.
  • Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Design.
  • Fault Analysis & Relay Co-ordination.
  • Substation Related All Electrical Design.

       Panel Design:

  • Control & Protection Panel Design up to 400kV.
  • Secondary Scheme Design.
  • Interlocking Schemes.
  • Metering Panel Design.
  • ACDB/LVAC, DCDB, Telecom Panel, SAS Panel, RTU Panel, Marshalling kiosk & all type of Panel Design.

       Sizing & Calculation:

  • Conductor Sizing Calculation.
  • Power Cable Sizing Calculation.
  • Earthing Design & Calculation (Excel, CYMGrid, ETAP).
  • CT-PT Sizing Calculation.
  • Relay Setting Calculation.
  • Aux. Transformer Sizing Calculation.
  • Battery & Charger Sizing Calculation.
  • Direct Stroke Lightning Protection (DSLP) Calculation.
  • Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Design & Simulation (Dialux).
  • Air-conditioning Sizing Calculation.
  • Short Circuit & Fault Analysis (ETAP).
  • Relay Co-ordination (ETAP).
  • Solar System Design (PVsyst).

       Feasibility Study:

       Other Related Works:

  • BOQ Preparation of Substation Equipment’s.
  • Cable Lugs, Gland, Hardware Fittings, Angle & Tray Calculation, etc.


  • Site Visit Regarding Drawing, Design, BOQ, Clarification, Site Report & Technical Support.
  • Attending Pre-Bid/ Project Meeting & Coordinate with Customer for Technical Support.
  • Providing Technical Support to Manufacturing Department, Project Department, Business Development Department & Civil Department.

       Civil Design & Calculations:
      All types of structural design, Foundation design, Gantry, Support Structure, Transformer Foundation.