CEO’s Message


CEO's Of ETCBLGlobal

Dear Partners, Clients, and Stakeholders

Greetings from ETCBL Global, an entity that has grown to become a leader in the fields of transmission substation and lines engineering. It offers me great joy to welcome you. We have rebranded ourselves and changed the name of our company to ETCBL Global to reflect our increasing aspirations and reach a global audience more effectively.

We understand how important it will be to have reliable energy transmission and distribution to unlock the availability of renewable energy. It is our duty and privilege to ensure that communities near and far have a sustainable and efficient energy future as we make contributions to this essential infrastructure. Steadfast in our commitment to sustainability and innovation, we are ready to take on the challenges of the future in Bangladesh and globally.

As we set out on our mission as ETCBL Global, we are open to new partnerships and alliances as well as the chance to assist our existing clientele even more. Together we can create synergy and impact positively to the socio-economic development of the country as well as make our footprint in the global arena for the better tomorrow.

Thank you for your assistance and belief in us. Let’s keep moving forward with progress together.