15. 132kV Gantry Design for Substation.
    Client: DF Engineering Ltd & Mass Erectors Ltd.

    16. Amnura-Chapainawabganj 132kV Transmission Line Design using PLS-CADD.
    Client: Energypac Engineering Ltd.

    17. Design of Ishwardi-Rooppur 132kV Transmission Line.
    Client: Confidence Infrastructure

    18. Design of Steel Pole for Ishwardi-Rooppur 132kV Transmission Line (5 Types).
    Client: Alliance Power

    19. 230kV & 132kV Line-In & Line-out Transmission Line Design at Shyampur using PLS-CADD.
    Client: Alliance Power

    20. Design of 33 kV Transmission Line for Padma Water Treatment Plant Project.

    21. Tender Stage Tower and Foundation Design of Gopalganj to Payra Project.
    Client: GS Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.

    22. Tender Stage Tower & Foundation Design for the Project (BREB 33kV River Crossings).
    Client: KEC International

    23. Training to PGCB 30 engineers (Foundation and Tower Design & Operation Maintenance).
    Client: KEC International

    24. PLS-CADD profiling for 1 km 132kV transmission line from existing tower to Khulshi S/S Gantry.
    Client: ETERN-LS Consortium

    25. Tender Stage Tower Design of PGCB Northern Zone Transmission Line Project.
    Client: GS Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.

    26. Existing 132kV Line Uprating Reports & PLS CADD Design.
    Client: Desh Energy Limited

    27. Design of 230 kV Khulna - Mongla D/C Transmission Line (PLS CADD profiling, Foundation, Training).
    Client: EMC Power/IIPTC