8. Training on PLS CADD & PLS TOWER.
    Client: Bangladesh Erectors Limited

    9. Short circuit force and conductor thermal rating requirement study for transferring 100MW power.
    Client: DF Engineering Ltd.

    10. Pile foundation design and drawings for 7 tower types 2DR, 2DAX, 2QL, 2Q1, 2Q15, 2Q30, and 2QT6.
    Client: EMC Power/IIPTC

    11. Outline design, detailed design and assembly drawings, foundation design, stub design, stub setting template of 230kV outgoing line terminal tower.
    Client: Guangdong Power Engineering Corporation

    12. JICA Package 6 Bid tender design survey and foundation Design.
    Client: Empyrean Limited

    13. Detailed PLS CADD modelling of line in-line out, design and drawing of retrofitted terminal tower and assembly, shop drawings development for a project in Nepal.
    Client: Energypac Engineering Ltd.

    14. Design of 132kV Pole for Jamalpur transmission line.
    Client: DF Engineering Ltd.