DC Substation Solutions

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DC Substation Solutions

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For Metal Processing Applications

GE’s Direct Current (DC) substation solutions are custom designed systems that provide highly reliable and efficient DC voltage and current for specific metals processing operations.

GE has provided approximately half of all aluminium smelting DC plants globally since 2007. A significant reason for this is the technology advantages that GE provides over other competitive offerings. GE’s solution in the aluminium smelting application currently provides the highest DC amperage of any offering in the industry, providing 600kA’s to the potline process.

GE has over 60 years’ experience in delivering over 600 DC substation projects for industrial applications in diverse and extreme environmental conditions in over 70 countries.

GE provides a comprehensive range of medium voltage and high voltage products and services for DC substations in various metal processing applications. These solutions can be delivered as Engineered Equipment Packages (EEP), Engineer, Procure and Construct (EPC) and support services.

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